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Let Rossi Hair Salon Take Care of Your Special Wedding Day Beauty Needs!

At Rossi Hair Salon we aim to make your Wedding Day Hair Styling as special as the day is for you. Our hair dressers will work with you and your bridal party, whether it be at out West 56th Street location, or a location which is more convenient for you.

We offer 32 years of experience as hair stylists.

Working with a make up artist, we can cover every part of your special day’s beauty needs.

Planning a wedding usually commences a year in advance of the special day. At this time, as you make preparations, it is time to consider how you want to style your hair. This will give you ample time to grow your hair longer, if that is what you desire in the hair style for that day. Long hair will give you more options in styling, but there are some fantastic styles, that are available for consideration for shorter hair lengths. A guide to hair length is that the average human hair grows approximately a half an inch per month. Keep in mind there are hair pieces available that will give a short hair cut the illusion of a much fuller and longer length of hair.



We always recommend a style in which you are comfortable with and suggest a couple of months before the event; you try out the hair cut you have chosen. When deciding on a hair style, it should compliment the wedding dress style you have chosen. Wearing a fancier dress, a simpler style works better, a simple veil a more elaborate hair style can be stunning. A trial run, will allow you to to become comfortable with cut and to physically view what it will look like in photos, you so have a clear idea how you will look on that special day. Always bring your wedding veil and accessories you plan to use . . We welcome your feedback on the style you choose for the wedding day, on how we can make you the happiest, you can be for this day.

If you decide to color your hair, try the color out in advance. Immediately prior to a wedding is NOT the time to test hair colors. Having our professionals color your hair, we will determine what shades will work with your skin tone. Highlighting hair, looks very natural and looks fantastic with curls.

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