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The Rossi Hair Care and Maintenance Way

At Rossi Hair Salon, we recognize that you are totally unique, and that your hair has its own particular requirements. So we use, and carry, multiple lines of ultra-quality, personalized products that improve and maintain your hair and scalp’s peak conditions.

We analyze and recommend the right combination of professional products to fit your hair’s particular needs, helping keep it, and you, looking and feeling great.

We adapt in every way to satisfy your hair care/maintenance needs—between regular appointments, or whenever else you might want to come in for our top-notch grooming or glamorizing services.

Rossi Hair Salon uses pinnacle-results products that are labeled for professional use only, because, simply, they are far more beneficial, effective and long-lasting than store-bought ones. We also proudly endorse the use of Henna brand hair care products.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Haircut

When considering your next haircut, bear in mind that the shape of your face and the texture of your hair are very important considerations, because they usually dictate which styles will work better for you. For instance, you already know that wearing your hair forward, backward, up, or down can either add weight to or lighten and brighten your features, but did you also know that wavy or curly hair looks better with simpler, more straight-forward haircuts? And that fine or straight hair looks fantastic with more intricate, sculpted ones?

All Rossi hair care services include a detailed consultation, a therapeutic, relaxing shampoo with proper conditioning, and blow-dry styling.


Rossi Hair Salon has been cutting hair for over 40 years with professionalism, and friendly service. At Rossi Hair Salon, “Where you’re not just another head of of hair” you’re part of our family!


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