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Avigal Henna

Rossi Hair Salon is one of the few salons in New York to offer henna. In fact, we’ve provided it for over 40 years, and carry the prestigious Avigail Henna brand. Avigail Henna is ideal for those with allergies and sensitive skin, while looking to try something more natural.

Made from the finest quality henna available

What is henna? Pulverized leaves, roots and stems of the Lawsonia plant family: Lawsonia Inermis, Lawsonia Elba and Lawsonia Spinoza. When mixed with hot water and applied to the hair in a paste mixture, these leaves create subtle and natural highlights to all shades of hair without drying or chemically altering the structure of the hair.


Chemical-based hair color is not an option for many consumers: allergies, pregnancy, color-resistant hair, and sensitive scalps prevent many from using chemical colors. A new study linking chemical color to brain tumors is now impelling many former users to search for a viable alternative. Happily, there is an answer: henna, the natural hair colorant.

Colors Options

  • Hazel – Use on grey or salt/pepper hair for light ash blonde shades.
  • Topaz – Use on grey or salt/pepper hair for light golden blonde shades.
  • Champagne – Use on blondes, dirty blondes or light browns for pale blonde highlights.
  • Cognac – Use on medium browns for warm honey-red tones.
  • Strawberry Blond – Use on blondes, light and medium browns for red-gold highlights.
  • Mahogany – Use on medium browns for warm brown highlights with hints of red.
  • Brown – Use on medium browns and blacks for rich chestnut brown highlights. No reds.
  • Red – Use on browns and blacks for deep red highlights.
  • Copper – Use on browns, blacks and reds for a rich red copper look.
  • Auburn – Use on browns, blacks and reds for true auburn tones.
  • Burgundy – Use on browns and blacks for deep wine highlights.
  • Black – Use on blacks for deep ebony, jet black highlights.

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